Holy Family altar at Christmas
2797 Sunset Drive • Kamloops • British Columbia • V2C 4K7 • Canada • 250.372.0205

Groups & Organizations Contact List

Parish Priest Fr. Fred Weisbeck
Parish Office Erin Smith 
Finance Council  Mike Bruneau, Bob Cheramy, Mark Tetreau, Mary Fus and Therese Brook
Altar Linen Liz Karpluk
Altar Servers Rhonda Oyler and Cindy Fahlman
Catholic Girl's League  Jeanne Vos
Catholic Women's League  Minnie Mathiew
Children’s Liturgy
Erin Smith
Coffee Schedule Juanita Hagerty
Custodial Services Nico Smit
Development & Peace Paul Desaulniers
Eucharistic Ministers Lucille Wallace
Faith Formation for Children Erin Smith
Flowers Liz Karpluk
Greeters Lucille Wallace
Knights of Columbus Tom Ouellette
Music Therese Brooks
Prayer Line  Joanne Taylor
Readers Minnie Mathieu
Sacristan Stella Kilmartin
Ushers Mike Bruneau
Youth Group Louise Smit
Webmaster Anna Radziszewski 


There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.